Rosemary Walker has a degree in Graphic Design and an Institute of Bankers Diploma. After graduation she worked in marketing with a global insurance company, moving to a leading Bank where she was responsible for advertising, PR and marketing. On leaving the Bank she became a director of two Scottish agencies before setting up her own consultancy. She co-founded Playfair Walker with Dick Playfair in 1991.

Gaudi and gaudy

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Having avoided Barcelona for years, I decided it was high time that we visited the city everyone raves about. It hadn’t been a conscious effort to stay away from the place, more a case of never getting around to it.

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Eat Scottish Venison Day

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I hope everyone is going to be eating Scottish Venison on Sunday 4th September to celebrate ‘Eat Scottish Venison Day’ or as I mistakenly called it ‘East Scottish Venison Day’ which might have upset the folk in the west.

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